AfterKare service packages from TotalKare

Planned Maintenance for a Fixed Price

Signing a Service Contract brings you easy and convenient heavy duty lift ownership for a fixed fee. You will know exactly when your heavy duty lifts are due for service and what the costs will be for maintenance, call outs and repairs giving you more time to focus on your core business. You can choose from different Service Contract levels. The basic services included in each contract can be extended with a variety of options, allowing you to create a solution that exactly suits your particular needs whether it is a simple planned maintenance contract or fixed rate contract ensuring all callout, travel and labour fees are included within your small monthly fee.

Reports of Thorough Examination: are you covered?

Whilst PUWER regulations, covering proper maintenance and servicing of all workshop equipment covered by our AfterKare packages, are generally well understood, the provisions within LOLER regulations are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Reports of Thorough Examination are additional to planned maintenance required by PUWER and should be seen as a complete set of requirements for your heavy duty vehicle lifts in the workshop.  To ensure you are fully covered for both PUWER and LOLER regulations, a Report of Thorough Examination can be added to any Extra, Fixed or All Inclusive AfterKare package.

All AfterKare packages allow you to spread the cost of servicing throughout the year with small monthly payments.


As well as providing market-leading service packages and service level agreements we also supply:

  • Reports of Thorough Examination
  • Health & Safety Advice Training
  • AfterKare Packages

Our ‘Extra’ package as a minimum provide you with two service visits a year but our more comprehensive packages include:

  • Fixed Labour Package – no call out, travel and labour fees
  • All Inclusive Package – no call out, travel, labour or part costs

You can also add the following items to your AfterKare package to ensure your lifts are completely covered:

  • Lube Pots Package
  • Battery Insurance Package
  • Reports of Thorough Examination