Mobile column lifts are the ideal solution for heavy duty commercial workshops as, when compared to traditional pits or four post lifts, they provide greater flexibility, improved health and safety, more efficient workshop operations and, less capital expenditure.

Mobile column lifts are easily portable, enabling work to be carried out in multiple bays within a workshop or simply put away to create additional work space when not in use.

The T8 is the latest mobile column lift in the TotalKare range; featuring the state-of-the-art hydraulic lifting technology, a safe working load capacity of 7,500kg per column and the capability to be used in sets of up to eight columns providing a total lifting capacity of 60,000kg per set.

Available in cabled or cable-free models, with adjustable forks to accommodate smaller wheels, the T8 mobile column lifts are controllable from any column incorporate innovative safety features, making them truly flexible irrespective of the vehicle being lifted – they are suitable for buses, lorries, trailers, tractor units, waste vehicle, aircraft vehicles, minibuses and everything in between!

The cable-free solution, the T8DC mobile column lift, is even more portable as it is charged by means of a 230V wall-mounted socket, removing the need to have a power cable connected to the wall. The absence of interconnecting cables also reduces the possibility of slip, trip and fall hazards, making the workshop a safer working environment for operatives.

If regular movement of lifts is not required, T8AC cabled mobile column lift may be the more suitable workshop solution. It requires three-phase power and interconnecting cables due to the absence of wireless communication, but is otherwise identical to the T8DC cable-free lift in performance and safe working load capacity.