When it comes to garage equipment, brake testers are one of the most vital components and form a crucial aspect of vehicle inspection. They are used by MOT stations and test facilities to establish the effectiveness of a vehicle’s braking system.

A brake tester measures the braking force of a vehicle while it is stationary, in a safe manner. The vehicle is driven onto the brake tester with its wheels positioned between the rollers, which are designed to simulate a typical road surface.

These rollers are then rotated at a pre-determined speed to simulate the rate of travel of the vehicle. The vehicle’s brakes are then applied to create a force on the motor of the brake tester, which is then measured to determine the safe balance of braking force between the near and offside wheels.

TotalKare offers two types of GEA-approved roller brake tester for the heavy duty market – mobile and in-ground. Both are highly durable and able to withstand a high daily throughput of fully-laden light and heavy vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000kg – ideal for commercial vehicles, buses, coaches and more.