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Two Post Lift

5,500kg Hydraulic Two Post lift from TotalKare Heavy Duty Workshop Solutions Limited

Totalkares 2 Post lift

A two post lift differs from mobile vehicle lifts and four post lifts as it lifts from the chassis of the vehicle. Mobile column lifts lift from the wheel whereas four post lifts have drive-on platforms which are then lifted. Lifting from the chassis gives you access not only to the underside of the vehicle but also to the wheel and associated operations without the need for support stands. This provides a quick and effective means of lifting smaller commercial vehicles, providing more efficiency and productivity in busy light commercial garages.

The 5,500kg capacity, base free design, electro-hydraulic two post lift from TotalKare is designed for companies with a large fleet of vans that require regular maintenance and repair work. Due to its high load bearing capacity, the two post lift from TotalKare is especially suitable for light duty commercial vehicles such as vans, minibuses and pickup trucks through to small heavy vehicles. The two post lift is specifically designed for vehicles with long wheel bases such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Volkswagon Crafter vans.

The two post lift is an ideal solution when a fixed post lift is needed and the flexibility of a mobile vehicle lift is not required. The telescopic arms allow the two post lift to be easily adjusted to fit a variety of vehicles and even with the lifting arms at their full extent the safe working load of 5,500kg can still be lifted. The simple drive-in action allows for quick set up for swift inspections of vehicles.


  1. Safe Working Load of 5,500kg
  2. Electro Hydraulic design
  3. Non load bearing cables ensure even lifting and lowering
  4. Each column equipped with their own control unit
  5. Double S profile of the lifting columns provides utmost stability at minimum space requirements
  6. Minimum Pad Height 120mm, Diameter 125mm
  7. 1985mm Lifting Height
  8. 2613mm Drive through clearance
  9. 4780mm Overal Height
  10. Baseless frame free design
  11. 3 Phase (415v) power required
  12. Lifting speed 60sec
  13. A range of optional extras for specific lifting of Sprinter/Crafter vans are also available


Download TotalKare's Two Post Brochure here
Download the TotalKare Two Post Lift technical specification sheet