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Lift Competency training

Accidents that happen with mobile vehicle lifts are more than 90 per cent due to operator error. Prevent any further accidents by completing a vehicle lift competency course from TotalKare. Although the number of accidents in workshops has declined over the past few decades, there are still many hazards to be aware of. Furthermore, increasing legislation has put even more emphasis on safety in the workplace.

Having staff fully trained will ensure safe and efficient operation of vehicle lifts, by using lifts correctly and to ensure that lifts are only used for the purpose they are designed for. It is important that only trained staff operate mobile column lifts as use by untrained personnel could result in damage to vehicles, or worse, serious injury.

TotalKare lifts are supplied with a commissioning and functionality overview supplied with the lifts included as standard. But if you wish to carry out a full competency training course with your employees TotalKare offer this as additional package to be added at the time of purchase or when required thereafter.

Our Lift Competency Training course covers in more depth the legislation related to Mobile Column Lifts and the safe use of the equipment. Our competency training is recommended to be refreshed every three years to ensure that all staff remain and all management of your staff training requirements can be managed in house by the AfterKare team.

TotalKare training courses are now CPD certified

The training courses provided have recently been approved by the CPD which gives customers even greater peace of mind that we are absolutely committed to providing the best quality of training to anyone working with lifting equipment within the workshop.