Investing in new Mobile Column Lifts, Fixed Post Lifts and Two Post Lifts can be a large capital investment for companies. As well as supplying a range of new commercial Mobile Column Lifts, Fixed Post Lifts, Heavy Duty Two Post Lifts, ancillaries and service packages, TotalKare also supply a range of Used Vehicle Lifts.

The used vehicle lifts for sale from TotalKare are commercial lifts that have generally been part exchanged for new vehicle lifts during our sales process or lifts that have been on contract hire where the term has come to end.

All TOTALKARE pre-owned mobile column lifts are stripped and repaired to the highest of industry standards. Our pre-owned lifts are load tested and inspected before leaving our factory so you can rest assured that are repairs are carried out to the highest standards.

All lifts that are returned to the factory prior to being sold are steam cleaned and then stripped and assessed by one of our engineers to ascertain what parts are required to restore them back to their optimum working condition, this may include replacing load baring components such as load nuts and items such as motor gearboxes, switches and cables as necessary.

Our team of engineers then rebuild the lifts as per the assessments and carry out a function test under load to ensure the lifts are now working correctly and work safely to their stated safe working load. We then carry out a Report of Thorough Examination, from an independent engineer to ensure that the rebuild meets our high standards and meet LOLER requirements.

All of the below checks are carried out during a Report:

– Check carriage and safety nut limit switches

– Check lifting carriage for damage and wear

– Check screw shaft and bearings

– Check lifting jack

– Check all cables and wiring for loose or broken connections

– Check upper and lower limit switches

– Test all controls for correct action

Once all checks and tests have been carried out on the vehicle lifts they are cleaned, re-decaled and ready to leave the factory, we do not repaint our used vehicle lifts.

Because we have been in business for over 35 years the models of used vehicle lifts are ever growing, including all of our previous models and to date the following models:

– The RG range, first made in 1980, they tend to be yellow and black in colour and most commonly lift 5000kg per column and are powered by a 3-phase supply. These lifts can only be used in a set of 4 so will not be able to be used to lift tri-axle vehicles.

– The MVL range, last built in 1998 and are all red in colour, the maximum columns that can be used in a set is 6. Columns have a lifting capacity of either 6500kg or 7000kg and contain a phosphorous bronze nut and a hardened shaft.

– The SVL range includes the SVL2000 and the SVL2002, these lifts were built between 1998 and 2003. These lifts are not recommended to be used in wash bays but will fit under low floor buses unlike the RG’s and MVL’s. The SVL’s cane be used in a set of 4 or 6 and can have additional columns added to the set.

– Series IV lifts are noticeable by their blue stickers, they were manufactured between 2003 and 2004. The Series IV mobile column lifts is lightweight and easy to use with a parachute nut technology.

– The S6 RAV heavy duty mobile vehicle lifts were first manufactured in 2006, the S6 RAV offers plc computer technology and has a lifting capacity of 7.5 tonne per column. These lifts can be used in sets of 4 or 6 columns

– The most recent pre-owned column lifts are the S6NG and S6CF column lifts. For those wanting a more portable solution the S6CF is cable free and is operated by batteries than can be charged by a normal mains power supply. Both lifts use a recirculating ball screw so the load nut does not wear unlike older models. The S6 range can be used in set of 4,6, 8 or 10 to suit various workshop needs.

Benefits of Pre-Owned Mobile Column lifts?

The main reason for purchasing pre-owned lifts is that older models are more common to be used in wash bays such as Totalkare’s RG, MVL and SVL’s as they don’t contain modern electronics which can be damaged by water. If opting for used mobile column lifts, it is important you purchase them from a reputable source and who better than Totalkare.