Steve Braund of TotalKare

Steve Braund - Marketing Manager

Steve heads up the Marketing department at TotalKare, with over a decade’s experience of marketing management in a number of industries including music, training, energy & utilities.  Prior to embarking on his career in marketing, Steve worked as both a graphic designer and journalist whilst also fronting and managing a moderately successful rock band in his spare time.

He enjoys going to gigs, good food, better wine and supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Tristan Johnston of TotalKare

Tristan Johnston - Systems & Project Manager

Tristan joined TotalKare's Marketing Department in 2012 and has implemented numerous successful campaigns since then that have directly contributed to the Company's success since.  After getting more involved in other areas of the Company, he relinquished his marketing responsibilities to oversee the systems and processes within the business, including sales management, service scheduling and factory processes.

Before working at TotalKare Tristan has had an interesting career path, with roles as diverse as marine biologist and wood burning stove product development manager through to his position at TotalKare today.