Totalkare Heavy Duty Workshop Solutions have been in the mobile vehicle lift industry for over 30 years and to that end have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the industry covering all commercial workshop sectors from Bus and Coach through to Truck and Trailers and everything in between. We have a great deal of expertise not only on our own heavy duty vehicle lifts but also on the majority of lifting equipment that can be found in commercial workshops.

If you have any questions or queries relating to technical product information, health and safety, training or simply to discuss your requirements please contact us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • How long does the battery last on the CF lifts?

    The battery has a two year warranty and can offer 15-20 cycles before requiring a re-charge depending on application.

  • Is the Cable Armoured (can you drive over it)?

    The cable is not armoured but different models of mobile vehicle lifts are supplied with different types of cable that offer adequate protection to the inner cores. We do not advise driving over any type of cables as this can damage cables and lead to call outs and are costly to replace.

  • Can you steam clean with mobile column lifts?

    On the newer models of mobile column lifts S6NG and S6CF we do not recommend steam cleaning using these lifts. But yes, you can use some of our older models of mobile vehicle lifts to steam clean. However it is advised the lifts are fitted with wash bay protection covers and removed away from the vehicle once the vehicle is in a raised position and the vehicle is supported on axle stands prior to commencing of washing the vehicle down.

  • Can a member of staff train another member of staff on lifts?

    Unfortunately not, we do however offer competency training and functionality training on mobile vehicle lifts which can be booked by contacting the office.

  • What product would you advise putting in our washbay area?

    The Heavy Duty Galvanised Fixed Post lift from TotalKare is ideal for a washbay area. Available in a range of capacities 16 – 33,000kg and a variety of platform lengths. Totalkare offer free site surveys so why not get in touch to arrange a visit.

  • Are trailing cables along the floor of a workshop considered to be a health and safety tripping hazard?

    Anything placed across the floor would create a trip hazard to the operator in a workshop environment. This can be reduced by positioning the cables outside the working areas or covering with a proprietary cable marking sleeve. Alternatively you could consider using cable free/battery operated mobile vehicle lifts which would remove the tripping hazard altogether.

  • Should the hand brake be on or off when a vehicle is lifted on a mobile lift?

    It important that whilst a vehicle is lifted on a Mobile vehicle lifts the vehicle being lifted is positioned on the Mobile vehicle lifts with its drive gear in neutral the brakes fully off and the vehicles air system full charged. This allows the vehicle being lifted to be centralised on the Mobile vehicle lifts carriage and allows the wheels to rotate freely around the hub to remove any side loads being exerted on the Mobile Vehicle lifts from the suspension of the vehicle when lifted.

  • Why doesn’t a preventative maintenance visits cover the LOLER through examination?

    In accordance with the LOLER (lifting Operations and Lift Equipment regulations 1998) a competent person is required with sufficient technical and practical knowledge of Mobile Vehicle lifts and is independent and impartial to allow them to make an objective assessment of the Mobile vehicle lift, for this reason it is not advisable for the same person who performs routine maintenance to carry out the LOLER through examination as they are then responsible for assessing their own work.

  • Do the lifts need re load testing every 12 months?

    In accordance with the following legislation BS7980, LOLER (lifting Operations and Lift Equipment regulations 1998) and PUWER (Provision and use of Work equipment) Mobile vehicle lifts do not require re load testing unless either a load bearing part is replaced or the  competent person carrying out the LOLER examination deems a load is required as part of their inspection regime.

  • Why do I need my operators trained?


    In line with all the relevant legislations in place Health and safety at work act, LOLER (lifting Operations and Lift Equipment regulations 1998) and PUWER (Provision and use of Work equipment). All operators of Mobile Vehicle lifts must be trained and only competent persons should operate Mobile Vehicle lifts.