TotalKare, the UK’s leading supplier for heavy duty vehicle lifting solutions, will be sponsoring the Bloodhound SSC team by donating a set of state-of-the-art cable-free vehicle lifts. The equipment will provide the Bloodhound SSC team with safe and easy access to the underside of the rocket-powered vehicle during its continued development in preparing for a supersonic 1,000 mph, world record attempt in 2017 which aims to shatter the current ground speed record.

The Bloodhound project is not just rocket science – but engineering innovation. With the project being led by previous land speed record holder, Richard Noble OBE; it promotes an exciting and attractive twist for engineering which is important for our future. The car itself is 14 metres long, weighs over 7 tonnes and burns nine gallons of fuel every second in order to perform at 1,000mph. The engines produce more than 135,000 horsepower – it travels 150 metres in a blink of an eye.

Tristan Johnston, Marketing Executive at TotalKare said that “The Company is delighted to be involved in this exciting project of cutting edge engineering technology and want to support the project in every way we can. Our lifts will supply a safe, flexible and efficient lifting system removing hazards of tripping due to them operating cable free which will help to support the engineers during the development of the project.”

TotalKare have provided a set of four S6CF lifts to the Bloodhound project enabling them to carry out valuable dismantling, testing and reconstruction of the vehicle effectively after each test. Special wheel adapters will also be provided to be used in conjunction of the lifts to help remove the 95kg solid aluminium wheels.

Tony Parraman, Head of Sponsor Liaison at Bloodhound SSC commented “A combination of aircraft and automotive technology, Bloodhound SSC is breaking new ground in engineering. This involves a massive amount of testing and the cable free lifts supplied will provide an easier and safer working environment for our engineers.”

TotalKare are extremely proud to be involved with one of the most exciting engineering projects in history and look forward to its launch in 2017.

To find out more about the project visit the Bloodhound Project SSC website by clicking here